The Real Reason You Haven't Found Your Soul Mate


The Real Reason You Haven't Found Your Soul Mate
Hint: It's not something you can just "find" ...

When faced with the erosion of our marriage, we both were willing to learn better communication skills, handle our anger more respectfully and give up our respective convictions of being right. We each listened to the other, both changed some damaging habits and considered solutions that were outside of the box in order to preserve our commitment to each other for life.

After some intense work, we emerged more in love than ever before. We even eventually marvelled at how perfectly we had chosen each other in order to trigger immature qualities where we each needed to grow. For the last seventeen years of our time together, we basked in our love for each other.


We had achieved the soul mate relationship that we had dreamed of in the initial heady phase of falling in love.

Being soul mates over the long haul is far more than getting goosebumps at his touch! (Although I enjoyed the goosebumps for as long as I had him with me!) We worked for, achieved and then maintained a soul mate marriage. It was not found by chance. We earned it! 

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