Domestic Violence Information, Solutions, and Resources


Domestic Violence Information, Solutions, and Resources
Violence can be physical, emotional, or verbal.

*Profile of California Women, Violence, 1993  California
*Commission on the Status of Women.
*WEAVE local locations will be listed in your phone book or call the operator. Other shelters exist. More than 100 in California. These shelters, including WEAVE, provide crises intervention, counseling, shelter, emergency food and clothing for spouse and children, and legal assistance.
*Call the Office of Criminal Justice Planning 916-324-0120
*Violence: the Facts, A Handbook to STOP Violence,
1994  Battered Women Fighting Back and the Los Angeles County Commission for Women.

I would like to remind the readers. Women are not the only battered spouse. Men are also battered. Men are not the only ones who get violent. Battered spouses can be male or female.


WEAVE is for people” not just women. If you are in an abusive relationship, take steps for changing  that relationship or make plans for escape. Having someone help with the first steps in recovery or escape is an important piece when we want to leave a bad situation. WEAVE (an organization for people escaping a violent environment) has trained staff to help you with those first steps.

Safety Plan:
1. Establish your own bank account, credit card, or money readily available.
2. Car keys in an accessible place to leave in an instant.
3. A bag packed to take with you, also in a place you can access if leaving.

Abuse and Violence are not part of a healthy relationship and no one deserves abuse. Call 911, call Weave (not just for women), call a local counselor. You can find a counselor in your area at

If there is a long history of violence and the police have been called Victim of Crime Funds may be available to pay for counseling for the battered spouse and the children.

Congratulations just reading through all this could have been traumatic. To address the fact family patterns are continued in your relationship can be extremely hard to hear. Take charge of your life. Accept the help available. Talk to your partner. KNOW you are valued and deserve love and caring treatment.


This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission.
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