What the heck is a "Conscious Uncoupling"?


What the heck is a "Conscious Uncoupling"?
Has divorce reached a gentler, kinder process? What "conscious uncoupling" means for you.

4. Your children do not need to know the details: As much as we want to be right or justified in our position relating to the divorce, your children do not need to know the gory details about how the marriage ending.  A conscious uncoupling puts your child's emotional and mental health ahead of the adults need to be right.  Keep the details for your lawyer or therapist.

5. If your life was made into a movie, would you be proud of the role you played:  Consider that every single thing you say and do during and after the divorce is splashed across the big screen.  Would you proudly star in that movie?  Be conscious of your words and behavior.  This isn't about hiding how you feel, but making the conscious choice to be the best you can be, in spite of the challenges.


6. Put first things first: Your children come first.  They must be the central driving factor in the decisions you make.  You want to give them every opportunity to reach adulthood with a healthy view of marriage and relationships, even when your marriage did not last.  Give them the knowledge and assurance that it was a conscious choice you and your spouse made to ensure that life was better for everyone, not just the adults.


I hope the term "conscious uncoupling" becomes more prominent when we speak about divorce.  Children never have any say in a marriage ending, so giving them every opportunity to grow and maintain a healthy relationship with both parents should be the central goal of couples who consciously decide to end their marriage.


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