Brad & Angelina Broke The Rules & So Did I


How Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Went Against The Norm [EXPERT]
What rules? There are no rules today when it comes to love and family.

Some are choosing to forego the dreaded walk down the aisle and live as lifelong partners. On the other hand, like Brangelina, some are putting off marriage far longer until they've established careers. The fact of the matter is, because many are waiting for satisfaction in their careers first, they then feel that having a baby is the next logical step as they may not accomplish their goals until after reaching their mid to late 30s and early 40s. Life Coach: Can A Woman Be Both Powerful And Feminine?

Before you know it, life happens and you have a career and a family to support, so marriage takes the back seat. People are no longer accepting society's long-term relationship standards. They are having children, or starting families, when the time is right for them. Not to mention, sometimes family is created spontaneously, without planning. It happens. And when it does, you adjust and make life work around your loved ones. Sandra Fluke & The S.L.U.T. Hypocrisy


Brangelina defied the order of love, marriage, and family. So did I. Thankfully, the order of marriage is blurred today. Many of us are finding love and living our lives for ourselves, not according to the ways others would have us live it. That is something I will never regret!

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