Love Games: Make Him Want You Tonight, Part 1


Love Games: Make Him Want You Tonight, Part 1
Tired of him ignoring?

Go find something else to do. Nagging him will only make him continue to piss you off, not stop his game playing. Watch your favorite television show, read, whatever you did before he entered your life. You had a life before he came along and sometimes, you have to remind your man of this fact by staying out of his face and out of his space.

He needs time to breathe, time to think, time to remember why he wanted you to begin with. Besides, the monotony of life with the same partner can be daunting and can force him to pull away from you. Every once in a while, women need to pull away from their men instead.


This gives him time to miss you and reexamine his feelings for you. Besides, you are reminding him, without even saying it, that despite everything you do for him, you love him, but your life does not inevitably revolve around him. You functioned before he came into your life and you will again should things take a rotten turn.

Chances are, when you first met, one of the things he loved about you was that you were your own person. So be that woman, again. Remind him that you are strong, independent and sexy. However, just because you are not going out with him, or the girls for that matter tonight, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strut your stuff.

Find the outfit you love, the shoes that accentuates your legs and helps flatter your figure, kiss him goodbye and hit the streets. But before you go be sure to stress that he sees you. Also, let him know that you adore him as usual, but that you want to go and enjoy yourself tonight…alone.

In some cases, your man will be shocked that you failed to invite him. In fact, his mind may begin to wonder who, if anyone, you will be with tonight besides him. That’s actually a good thing because at least you know you still have him captivated. Knowing that you hold his attention, you should use it to your advantage.

If he asks to join you, then welcome him. Revel in the knowledge that a little aloofness coupled with a reminder of your sex appeal worked on him. Besides, distance either physical or emotional can be a great way to get him to miss you again. Usually, I don’t recommend playing games; especially when it comes to love. But when it comes to love everything we know, everything we assume, goes out the window. So play well.

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