"The Hunger Games" Sparks Race-Related Controversy


'The Hunger Games' Sparks Race-Related Controversy [EXPERT]
How a family-friendly film turned into a much darker debate.

Do writers and film makers have to cast diverse characters? Unfortunately, no. "Titanic," which is being rereleased, is evidence of this fact. However, many writers should do this as today's America mimics not only a melting pot, but as Martin Luther King Jr. explained, a wonderful mosaic (not his literal words here). Love Games: Make Him Want You Tonight, Part 2

Are characters in literature overtly white? Many are. Yet, some socially conscious writers are recognizing and demolishing this trend. These writers realize that we are like a type of kaleidoscope — each hue uniquely different, each person housing their own notions of what's right. Our differences of color, morals, and opinions should be valued nonetheless.


I understand the need for dialogue on certain subject matters. What I don't understand are the ridiculous misconceptions still present in our society. Fans accepted the limited diversity of "Twilight" and "Titanic." But as soon as a book or film steps outside of the norm, readers are usually pummeled, while some readers rebel. 14 Ways To Decode 'Guy Talk' On Dating Profiles

Fortunately, there are enough open-minded people still able to openly reveal their disgust with racists rants. These people stave the torch seemingly being lit on a daily basis. The last thing we need is more racial tension, a race riot, or another dead child regardless of race.

I'm not sure what film makers or author Suzanne Collins had in mind when creating this story, but I'm sure their points weren't meant to incite anger or violence. Let's accept this movie for what it is. It is a family film meant to entertain. It makes us ponder its deeper meanings. It moves us and compels us to question what humanity, if any, clings to us when faced with life or death. "The Hunger Games:" Are You On Team Peeta or Team Gale?

That's my say on this matter. So tell me, what did you think about the film?

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