11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair [EXPERT]
Are you SURE you'll never act on those unfaithful instincts?

You know that drastically changing from the person who was all about work, or all about your partner is gone. So you begin to be about "others." Volunteering, people-pleasing and finding new outlets of excitement could be directly or indirectly related to this new person in your life, which may not be all that bad. Still, it means that you're seeing things differently than you did before.

11. Messaging. If you can't go without hearing from this person, in one form of communication or another, then you've got it bad. If you get lost in a whirlwind of texts, emails, IMs or any other form of communication, you're already far gone. The day seems to fly by. You become lost in your messages and begin to lose your focus at work, with friends or at home.

Lack of communication is something most cite for ending their relationships. Yet, here you are, communicating often with this other person who isn't your partner. You two are sharing something far more profound than attraction for one another. Your relationship is far too intimate at this point. Soon, you two will find yourselves in a position you can no longer ignore.

So beware! Before you begin any of these heavily flirtatious stages that lead to an affair, consider the consequences. Truly allow yourself to ponder if this other person is worth it. Allow yourself to explore doubts about whether you and this other person have a chance at long-lasting love, or whether it's fleeting desire you feel. The Key To Resolving Affairs

In other words, be sure that once you've reached the turning point, yet ignore it, the person you're moving towards is a better fit than the one you're moving away from.

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