11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair


11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of An Affair [EXPERT]
Are you SURE you'll never act on those unfaithful instincts?

5. The brush. Playful as it may seem, brushing against one another can excite both of you as your bodies begin to manifest latent desires you two know are there, but aren't pursuing. As innocent as it seems, allowing someone else to brush the hair from your face, or run their fingers through your hair can trigger the eye-closing groan that instantly denotes pleasure. Of course, you two will begin to read one another's body language, especially the signals for pleasure as you both get turned on.

6. Touching. Touching one another sends certain signals to your brain. That slight stimulation, though harmless, can lead to more, especially if your touch or the other person's touch begins to linger. Part of you already enjoys this person and imagines yourself being with him or her. So sooner or later, your body will ultimately follow.


7. Lying. If you ever feel the need to start lying about what you and your friend are doing when you meet; if you start sneaking around in any way as it relates to the person you're spending more time with, chances are, you're on the verge of an affair. Instinctively, you begin to lie, covering up your tracks to avoid getting caught, while allowing yourself to be in subtly seductive situations where you two can meet in secret. When you're making way for a liaison to happen, even if it never happens, you may be on the verge of having an affair.

8. Change in mood. If you're suddenly happy, grumpy, absent-minded all the time or displaying any other noticeable change in behavior, you're relying on this person ... not being around this person begins to affect your mood. This other person has become your emotional crutch and your happiness, so your feelings for your partner are changing, which makes it easier and thus "excusable" to have an affair. 2 Simple Steps To Survive Infidelity

9. Change in appearance. If you begin to splurge on areas you didn't before, such as a new haircut, lingerie, a gym membership, mani-pedis or clothes, you're buying these things to impress this new person. You know that your partner appreciates you the way you are and so does your new interest. Still, some part of you is trying to make a good impression on him or her, so you're showing your best side to ensure that you are utterly irresistible to this new person.

10. Drastic lifestyle changes. If you were once a couch potato only able to get off of the couch for work and friends, but now suddenly you find yourself the life of the party, you may be changing your outward appearance for the benefit of this new person. Even better, you may be changing your outlook on life and may be trying to get out more and improve your self-image in order to get away from your partner.

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