Single, Alone, At Thanksgiving? 6 Ways To EnjoyThe Day


Single,  Alone,  At  Thanksgiving?  6  Ways  To  EnjoyThe  Day
Ways to anticipate and enjoy the holiday, alone or with friends, so you feel alive & happy.

4) Another option would be to enjoy the day alone.  No obligations, no expectations.  You could do a gratitude journal of the year to date, maybe referring to your diary or day planner.  You could bus or drive to a favorite place in Nature, and pretend you were the one who’d discovered it and shared it with the world.  Or you could pretend it was the 1st time you’d come upon this creek or rocky hill or waterfall.  Putting on your fresh eyes and ears, you could explore it as thought you were the pioneer who felt the inner hurrah when it had first come into view.  Another solo experience might be looking at a city or state map, and picking a spot you’d always been curious about, taking your time on side roads to get there. Maybe you’d want to end this “day with myself” by finding a lovely lobby in a hotel to read a book or write a “letter to myself” to read a year later.

5) You might find on this holiday a way to show your gratitude for your full life by sharing it.  You could call a local nursing home or hospital or boys and girls club or retirement home earlier in November and ask for names of people who might welcome company on the holiday.  I did that one Christmas day, and felt as fulfilled as I hoped the people I visited felt.

6) If you don’t want to be alone, but don’t feel like reaching out to anyone, you could scout out ahead of time places where people were likely to gather, even on a holiday.  That could be a shopping center for people watching, a coffee house,  a movie theater, a bus, or a hotel  or retirement home lobby where you could just blend in with anyone else sitting there.  It could feel  very comfortable to read or write or daydream. You could consider changing your questions to change your life.
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