It All Happened On A Monday


It All Happened On A Monday
Wander with me through an experience-full Monday of variety, stimulation and accomplishment.

I got up to the library before 6:00 pm so I could get a free sample at the nearby Admiral Thriftway. Tonight's special was lamb with herbs de Provence. At the library I returned the 16 CDs and 2 books that were due and spent the next 90 minutes skimming Vermont Life and Travel and other magazines left by patrons to share. Rather
than taking home a dozen, I tore out pages of nature scenes, food layouts, farm scenes reminding me of my Iowa girlhood, and a stress assessment I will consider for my October stress management presentation at IBM. Good rationalizer that I am, I reasoned that my torn out page here and there was preferable to removing the entire
publication. Further justification: I only ripped it out if I was truly drawn to it, not just somewhat attracted. I did take the October 1999 issue of Skiing for my housemate Bruce and Traveler with an article on Ireland for me and on Chile for my friend Dee, who is going there in the next few months for a year with her boyfriend. I left the library with a few new CDs, including the soundtrack for The Tango Lesson, music from Ethiopia and Dublin Blues. I also picked out a video on Wales and Bateson's Mind and Nature, in preparation for the 10 week class in October.

I stopped at the house to tape Buena Vista Social Club and then walked to the gym, newly located a half block from my house. After 40 minutes of weight lifting, I watched the TV movie as well as switching to Oprah and to KCTS' Venice show as I counted out and filled containers for my daily vitamins. Oh boy, do I feel like Ms. Accomplishment when I can pack in that much pleasure along with a task done.

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Last week I'd done a voice greeting for The Stranger personals; I did one for The Weekly today; my ad's headline: "Touch my soul and I'm yours!" I checked ad responses on yahoo personals, and sent off two replies.

Having seen an ad for $20 off on the Sonicare Sonic Toothbrush, I called Douglas to see if that was the one he recommended. It was. And by the way, he had a successful booth selling his wonderful marbles at the Puyallup Fair. It was now close to midnight. I'd sneaked a few feet into my closet several times for treats of raw pecans and chocolate-covered fruits. I knew it might make me shudder when I weighed the next time at gym, but I wasn't thinking thoughts of self-discipline, only of self-indulgence. Before I shut down the monitor, I clicked on to feed rice to a starving child, and to to plant a tree. Brushed my teeth and went to bed. It was a long, unstressed, productive and enjoyable day. I'm happy! Nice having you along with me!

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If you want to feel happier about how you spend your days, call me for a free coaching session at 206-938-8385.

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