You're Not Alone: How To Get Through The Grieving Process


You're Not Alone: How To Get Through The Grieving Process
Lost a loved one? Here's how the grieving process can help no matter how you hurt.

5. Be Grateful
Gratitude is a wonderful way to move toward inner harmony. Each day, write one or more things you feel good about. Reading that growing list of gratitudes will help anchor you in trusting that your life is moving forward peacefully. Find ways to make gratitude easy to come by. Treat yourself to a movie or concert. Plan an outing. Think of how you WANT to feel, and put it into words: "I love it when I am looking forward to eating out." Or "I love it when I think of friends who welcome my call." Or "I love it when I settle myself down by leaving the house for a walk."

6. Trust Your Gut
If a wave of grief comes over you months later, sit still with it and decide whether to stay with it or to go on to a more supportive action. There will be times when mourning again is exactly what will lead to healing. "Bad days" are normal. Refuse to see yourself as a victim. There's no shame in asking for a hug or support in any form. You might try Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping on acupuncture points). 


And going one step further, you might want to explore Release Technique

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