4 Ways To Maintain Friendly Relationships Post-Election


4 Ways To Maintain Friendly Relationships Post-Election [EXPERT]
Once the result are in, there is no way you can change it! Here's how to move on from there:

I might resent your "See what I told you? Romney/Obama did what he said. Aren't you glad?" or "I knew this would happen; don't you wish you'd voted differently?" To have a limited number of emails or conversations that are likely to get your dander up will give both of you a chance to make your point once and then to let it go, knowing you both got heard.

3. Find a new cause. If you have a lot of leftover political energy and are feeling disillusioned now, find another need to fill. Feel good about the time you spent calling or canvassing for votes. Visit people in nursing homes. Help out at Boys and Girls Clubs.


Get involved in environmental issues.  Join a writing group, choir or woodworking class or something you have been thinking about for awhile. What you focus on, grows. If you want contentment and harmony, think about, talk about and do what brings you there. See some ideas here.

4. Find new ways to feel happy. Finally, learn from Wayne Dyer, in Wishes Fulfilled, or Joel Osteen (I just saw him the first time on Oprah) in I Declare or any number of authors you'll find when you google ways to feel happy. I especially like the variety here. After all, we only have now and "happy" beats the alternative. We can't undo the election. So let's do what we can to move forward with compassion for ourselves and for others.

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