Sex Kitten Tip #1: Are You A Sexter Extraordinaire?


Ditch those generic "Thinking of u & touching myself" sexts. You have to get creative! Here's how.

Have Fun With Images And Sensory-Provoking Adjectives

The best way to be playful when sexting is to use both metaphors and similes to dress a very visceral image in quirky clothes.

So first you create a very specific, raw, sexy visual for him to imagine as he reads your sext.  And then, you get playful with it. 

The first step:  Creating the visual

1.  What’s the body part/s you are thinking of right now? (My man’s chest)
2.  What does the body part look like?  (Hard, strong, smooth, pec-tacular)
3. In what context is the body part existing?  (Bursting out of his unbuttoned Oxford like statue being unveiled)
4.  What is it about the body part that turns you on? (It’s so muscular and hard)
5.  What do you want to do with the body part?  (I want to straddle on his chest while naked and rub my wetness all over it like sunscreen on a baby’s bottom)

The second step:  Combine the steps to make a playful image

"I can’t wait to rip off my drenched panties and straddle ur godlike chest. I’ll rub my  creamy goodness all over your pec-tacularness, as if you were the statue of David himself getting dipped in thick cream like a holiday scone."

Wah-lah!  He won’t forget that one. 

Happy sexting my li’l bitches!  Dare to be sassy n’ frassy and leave the potato-without-salt sexiness to those other vanilla chickens.

Hey, by the way...  I've created a fantastic list of 101 Ways To Seduce Your Man (comes with 101 Dirty Texts To Send Him).  These ideas are so fun and so sexy;  Darlin', you'll need a pitch fork to pry him off your puss!    


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