When Sexting Is A Bad Idea


When Sexting Is A Bad Idea
It's so easy for a dirty text message to turn into a thankless electronic blow job.

When you dirty text, you should always be the one who ‘one-ups’ the guy.  It’s a game of tease.  The game itself is fun and not dangerous if the heart of your relationship isn’t about games but about love (for you and him).  When there’s accountability on his part (remember that word honey, because that is the most important word when on the dating scene), then you can play the game of tease.  If you and him play the dirty texting game, both of you should be acknowledging each other’s words and making each other feel like sexually attractive and capable partners.  If a guy makes you feel ‘hung out to dry’ after you’ve sent him a dirty text, don’t ever send him one again.

An example of being hung out to dry:


You:  Daddy, I can’t wait for you to come over here and plug up my mouth with your fat, yummy gorge!  Oh, I choke on my own saliva thinking about it.

Him: ;)
Him:  I won’t say no to that.

If he isn’t writing you thanking you and expressing in some detail how much he’s going to enjoy that and what he's gonna do to please you sexually, then ditch him.  He’s a selfish prick. If he brings it up in person and admits that it shocked him shy or that he was in a meeting, then let it slide.  But don’t assume those excuses and don’t ask him to explain himself.  He should be very willing to offer an excuse.  If he doesn’t, he is used to receiving those kinds of texts and doesn't deserve you!

Remember that you are gorgeous, sexy, sensual and if you are sending dirty texts, you are also a bold and fun-time gal!  Any man should be grateful for you and show you utmost respect, admiration and appreciation.  If you feel you are chasing him using dirty texts as your preverbal carrot and are desperate to ‘up your game’ out of fear of losing him, hun, you got to throw in the towel.

But if he’s a good guy who does care about you, then sext away and remember to ‘one up him’ by playing a real tennis game with him over text.  See, there is still a ‘listening’ aspect to texting and all great sext-ets can listen well and respond accordingly (tennis). 

Oh, and don't forget to give and then pull away.  Make sure to leave him knowing you are hot for him, appreciative of his sexts and then… sign off.  That will leave big-boy hungry for more.

For those of you in love with good men who deserve your sweet nectar-collectors, check out my list 101 Dirty Text Messages To Send A Guy.  He’ll be so happy you stopped by.  Or stop by my 'cheeky' sex blog, How To Be A Dirty Girl

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