Can Valentine's Day Save Your Relationship?


Can Valentine's Day Save Your Relationship?
Valentine's Day shouldn't be about putting a blanket of chocolates and flowers over lovelessness.

Hugging is the most direct way to consciously connect with someone.  It makes you instantly aware of your positive and negative feelings for that person:  you realize how much he or she means to your existence, while also recognizing that you may be uncomfortable being vulnerable around him or are angry and full of resentment, etc.

But a long, loving hug also heals these possible negative feelings while honoring the positive ones.  If you open yourself up to allow a person close to you with the offering of a hug, you are opening your heart to your love for him or her-- you are inviting connection.


Make a Promise

This Valentine's Day, take the opportunity to start celebrating your relationship ALL YEAR LONG by offering to do one 'lil but significant thing for your partner from that day forward.  You can think it up yourself or ask him or her what they need from you.

For example:  Offer to massage your husband's back once a month because you know his work is stressful.  Promise your wife that you will return all her phone calls within 15 minutes because you know she feel rejected when you don't get back to her.  Tell your husband that you will never forget to thank him for picking up dinner on his way home with a kiss and a "thank you, love" because you know he does it to make your day easier.

The power of love is in the little things.  Making a promise to honor the relationship with small gestures can make a BIG difference.  

Just make sure to keep your promise and never make an excuse for breaking it.

Love is like going to the gym-- you have to do it everyday, not just once a year.  What would happen if we all just celebrated our bodies once a year and only worked out one day out of the year?  

Valentine's Day is a billion dollar business that banks off the pressure to not look like a inconsiderate jerk in the eyes of your significant other.  But it can be more than just a reservation at a pricey restaurant-- it can be a wake-up call to start paying attention to your relationship and the intricate, delicate, beautiful emotional and phsyical intimacy you both share.

After all, it really is a collection of hugs, touching revelations and gestures of goodwill that can help turn an "I do" into side-by-side grave stones.


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