Playing Hard To Get A Bad Idea?


Playing Hard To Get A Bad Idea?
Playing hard to get is not a long-term solution to attracting quality men. Plus, it's too tiring!

These needs were important to me and just because I didn’t want to feel bothered by them, I still was. I’d start to wall myself off to these men and ended up having a disharmonious vibe around men where my feelings didn’t match my outside persona. Men can pick up on this vibe fast and it’s not attractive.

So, what do you do? You tell the truth– always. You just say, “I feel upset that you waited three days to call me. It’s something that bothers me because it make me feel insecure and I don’t want to feel insecure.”


And then you don’t say another word. You don’t blame him, you don’t apologize for your feelings, you don’t ask for reassurance, you just speak the truth and OWN your feelings.

Men will be impressed and won’t know exactly how to react. And if your man doesn’t fix the issue by apologizing and inquiring about what he can do to make better on his wounding, DON’T get further upset. Just tell him you wanted to be honest and weren't illiciting a response. After speaking your feelings over a longer period of time, you will see whether this man is interested in hearing your needs or not.


I think a lot more women would stop trying to be Perfect Patty with men if they knew their dates' thoughts and feelings. Men are human and that makes them sensitive, flawed, insecure and needy too! In fact, the biggest players out there are very AFRAID of women and closeness.

When you can stop for a moment and step back from your critical and scared inner voices and think about a man’s own issues with himself, you will be more likely to warm up to him.

I always tell women to look at men like they are little boys. When you are on a date, look at the grown man in front of you and imagine what he was like as a boy. Do you think he was shy? A bully? The dorky kid whose mom always packed him the smelly lunch?

When you can stop idolizing a man and start seeing his human imperfections, you will let your guard down more and will have less of a problem showing him that you do care about him and aren’t playing hard to get.

There’s a big difference between playing hard to get and being a woman who is honest about her needs in a relationship.

You should be easy to get but easy to lose, too! Allow every man to start with an A and let them earn their F, instead of the other way around. Let him see that you think he is nice, funny, and sexy. Let him know that he is someone that could really matter to you and then when he acts up, tell him exactly how his behavior makes you feel without blaming him.

If he doesn’t shape up, then you think about being hard to get… permanently! 

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