Middle School Memories Of Having Been Called A "Hooch"


Middle School Memories Of Having Been Called A "Hooch"
I struggled for decades to find my "inner sexy" after having survived bullying at 12 years old.

One rumor about a girl’s breast size can define her sexual lifestyle all through high school and beyond. Many girls lose their self-esteem and think that their identity is wrapped up in these names and references. They go along with the attention and lose a sense of self-respect. They start having sex and being sexual way too early and for all the WRONG reasons.

My reaction was that I became more shy, more ashamed and “cut off” from my body. I associated sex and feeling sexual with bad memories and strong negative consequences. I was a beautiful girl back then and I am an attractive woman now, but it took a long time to feel comfortable feeling sexy! I thought of myself as a pretty girl with no sex appeal-- a potato without salt.  Aka. bland.


Ugh! All the self-imposed labels that come with name calling.

Girls need to be protected from a young age. It’s bad enough that Sandra Fluke has to be the brunt of such hostility, what about preteenage and teenage girls? No wonder more adult women don’t step up and say, “I’m sexual, I love sex and I’m proud!” They learned the consequences from a young age, whether they received the teasing or they watched it happen!

If you have a preteen daughter, explain to her that sex is an important part of life and kids know this but don’t understand it all-- they throw names and statements around without understanding their true meanings or implications, and if she sees these kinds of things happening in school, not to pay any mind.

Tell her that she is gorgeous, smart, and capable of anything.  Tell her she will probably find a wonderful husband one day who’ll love her like crazy. And then throw her young, little butt into loads of empowering activities like sports and music, which can help her build a positive self-image.

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