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Make A Man Fall In Love With You


When he feels comfortable being weak in front of you but stronger because of your love, you got him.

To get in touch with your emotions is a brave and vulnerable thing, but it will also free you up to feel more alive and happier with your life.  To start getting in touch with your emotions, start speaking your feelings aloud.  Whether you are with him, friends or family, comment how things make you feel:

“I feel so angry right now I could scream.”
“I feel dull and sad today and it sucks.”
“I feel anxious and worried after talking with my boss.”
“I feel so gitty and silly about seeing that movie.  I want to do a l'il jig!” 

Don't be afraid to swan-dive in the wonderment around you.  Don't try to hide your sadness or be to mature with your joyousness.  Don't be afraid to be playful and poetic, even downright florid.

Take the stick out of your bum and stop trying to sound smart or interesting, and stop trying to control and manage the way things go.  Instead, unabashedly share your feelings about any and everything, without needing a certain response back. 

If something in your environment moves you, a commercial about a puppy or a baby, for instance, share those feelings with your man. Let your feelings rush over you and stay an “open vessel” to show him how touched you are.  When he can see that things move you (even anger you), he will feel connected to his life-force through your vivaciousness.

When you connect to your emotions, you also create a zip line to a man’s emotions.  Men are thinkers, stuck in their heads and worried about the future.  When you can bring him into the moment and into his own slushy, soft, tender vulnerability, he will melt into you and feel safe to explore his emotional side further with your support and guidance.

My eBook Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to be strong and confident in the relationship while also being soft, vulnerable and trusting of him to tend to your emotional needs and hear your secret feelings.  I'll explain why you have to be both bendable and unbreakable to make a man fall in love with you.  I’ll teach you exercises to help you dive into your emotions and tools to show you how to communicate in a way that will grab his attention and earn his respect.

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