How To Spot & Release Emotionally Unavailable Men


Dating Coach: How To Tell If He's Emotionally Unavailable
There are plenty of great, secure men out there: don't settle for an emotionally unavailable one.

There Are Plenty Of Emotionally Available Men
Just because modern science links the male brain to a lack of empathy, it doesn't mean that other factors don't come into play that can make men compassionate beings. Good parenting, healthy role models and a quality education can make a man born with a very 'male' brain into a caring and understanding person. Many men are extremely available to womens' feelings and needs, and are able to do so during even the most heated of arguments; a lot of men are more empathetic than many women.

It's Your Responsibility To Not Tolerate Feeling Unloved
It's important that you find a man who has a level of empathy that makes you feel loved and understood. This level varies from person to person. But I will say that most women need some emotional security. We need to feel that our feelings matter, and we need to know that we are respected. You are responsible for your actions and for communicating your needs maturely, honestly and clearly. You are responsible for respecting your partner's feelings and needs, even if he's not as verbally expressive as you are. You are responsible for giving a man space if he needs it or to accept that a relationship is over if he ends it.


But you don't have to accept being told things like; "You're too needy. You're too emotional. You're too much!"

You may have insecurities, and you may feel that you are emotionally "too much" in the way you respond and react to a man's lack of empathy, but I guarantee that in a relationship with an emotionally available, compassionate man, you would not act so uncontained. You would not cry, scream, emotionally shutdown, or compulsively call and nag him. It's your responsibility to take care of yourself and find the relationship that makes you feel calm, secure, grounded, happy, loved and heard. It's not your responsibility to change a man's lack of empathy; that's only something he can do on his own. In fact, the more you try, the more he will turn the tables and make you feel bad about yourself.

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