Goddess Love Help: How To Enforce Personal Boundaries


Goddess Love Help: How To Enforce Personal Boundaries
Enforcing personal boundaries has nothing to do with threats or ultimatums.

Unplugging Is The Best Way Of Enforcing Personal Boundaries

When you make a conscious decision at any given moment to unplug from the negative feelings surrounding the other person's behavior toward you, you empower yourself. You have to get creative about how to unplug. You can go for a walk, go shopping, jump on the computer or pick up a book. You can just plop down on the floor next to him and cry it out. Whatever it is, make it something that warms and soothes your heart enough to pull you away from the negative feelings. 


Why Unplugging Works

Unplugging helps you find peace of mind no matter your surroundings. Practitioners of meditations say that going inward and clearing your mind is something one should strive to do in any circumstance, regardless of outside stressors. Enforcing personal boundaries by unplugging from negative emotions not only helps you avoid drama and rewires your brain to seek out more stable relationships and life choices, it also helps your relationship too.

Threats Reward Bad Behavior

Enforcing personal boundaries with a man by swinging a proverbial stick in the air, warning him that you aren't afraid to draw permanent lines in the sand, is still giving him attention. Threats are challenges to some men.  Though threats eat away at trust in the relationship, they also invite men to want to break those lines to see what happens, to see if you really care about them. Men also stop caring about threats once they see that they hold zero weight for you and that you are just blowing hot air in men's faces by barking your boundaries. 

When you start enforcing personal boundaries by unplugging or doing whatever you have to do to feel unscathed by a man's hurtful treatment, you send a man a direct message:  "I don’t reward bad behavior.  I don't accept bad behavior and I don't let myself get invested in drama."

**Just remember that not rewarding a man for bad behavior doesn't mean you tell him that you are not going to reward bad behavior: "I'm not gonna play your game!"  That's not unplugging, that’s investing and staying involved in the drama. Unplugging isn’t about him, for him or to change him.  Unplugging is to help you and only you.  If your relationship improves from it, that’s great, but don't make it a tool to manipulate or one-up him.**

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