Being the Best Sex He's Had Isn't About Sex


Being the Best Sex He's Had Isn't About Sex
If you want that man constantly thinkin' about how sexy you are, be the best tease he's ever known!

And by not taking myself seriously when I seduce, I don’t have to feel nervous that I’m not sexy. If I stumble over the carpet, goof up, fart by mistake while my butt is in the air (yes, I just wrote that), or even end up realizing I have a hunk of spinach between my gums when I was just trying to smile coyly, I can laugh at myself and HE can laugh at me, and there’s never that awkward, shameful moment of some serious-minded seduction gone wrong. (Actually, I usually get him more aroused when I do mess up a seduction, because our mutual laughter, at my expense, makes him feel very close to me!)

So, next time you are with your man, do something unexpected to throw him off and turn him on. Start randomly fondling with your breasts while he’s talking to you in the bathroom, or lean over him when he’s driving and breathe warm air on the crotch of his pants.

He may look at you a bit startled or like he’s uncomfortable, but even if you think he doesn’t like the attention, I promise you that he definitely does.

Look, there are only so many sex positions and all us women essentially have the same body parts, so if you want to be the best lover of this poor bastard's entire life, it starts with how you mentally and emotionally seduce, not just the quality of your "sack performance".

When you can bring some sass and some naughtiness to the ordinary, day-to-day mix, things will never get boring. Not to mention that he will never be able to walk up a flight of stairs again without you and your derriere on his mind.

If you’re truly serious about how to seduce your man and hand him over a platter of the best sex he's ever known, check out my new list of 101 Ways to Seduce Your Man.

Or take a look at my e-book Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You. In the book, I offer up 27 Enchantress Secrets to owning your Female Fire (Grrr!) and magnetizing men... effortlessly. See, centuries-old enchantresses in the lengends of King Arthur were born before their time. They were sassy, sexual, intelligent, fierce and independent seductresses, and their legacy can still teach us modern gals a thing or two about being a li'l wicked with our sexual, female magic in order to receive the best chivalrous treatment we can from our present-day knights! 

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