5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure


5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure
Feel Like a Sensual Love Empress Who Knows How to Captivate Men and Leave Them Hungry For More.

It’s not hard to recreate that feeling of new love or carnal desire for a few minutes out of your day. You just have to know your triggers and know how to relax enough to let them work for you.

Triggers may be:


  • Romance novels or fantasizing about old flames
  • Silky clothing that caresses your skin in a certain way that gives you goose pimples and excites your nerve endings.
  • Daily masturbation
  • Intense cardiovascular exercise
  • Great music

Find a way to feel frisky and fluttery inside whenever you are anxious, down, or even bored. It will really help prevent depression and is actually a healthy way to expel anger...

If you are angry and then get aroused, that anger turns to confident, warm, feisty energy in your body. (Normally it can just become dark, brittle, self-loathing and violent thoughts in your mind that lead to heavy stiffness in your body.)

5th Way to Enhance Your Feminine Allure: Empower Yourself Through Creative Writing

Write down your strengths as a woman who men adore.

Writing down empowering mantras and self-descriptions makes them more concrete. It allows us to believe them and remember them more than if we leave them as passing thoughts. It makes dream self-images into GOAL self-images.

Write down adjectives that describe your unique feminine allure. Are you enticing, witty, mysterious, sassy and sulfuric?

Do the If I Was An Animal Exercise and ask yourself, “If my feminine side was an animal, what would she be?”

  • Pick something sexy and dangerous like a black widow spider that gently lures unassuming men in with her frail elegance and nimble touch. Give her a name like Sardinia the Spider.


  • Pick something soft, sweet, cuddly and adorable like a fluffy white bunny rabbit that knows how to snuggle and melt men’s heart’s everywhere.

Don’t judge it as immature and silly, just allow yourself to have fun!

Open your imagination and let your mind fuel your confidence and awaken your feminine power. So often our minds lead us to negative thoughts that kill our self-belief and trust in men. If you can allow your thoughts to be creative and silly, it will help you feel freer to be more playful, trusting and light with men.

It will also empower your feisty, tumultuous side and get you writing about fictional aliases. Some of mine are Debbie Dare-to-Love-Me McDaniels, the wild, free-spirited outlaw who wears red lipstick and ripped panty hose or Brenda Breathless, a modern femme fatale whose cleavage cuts through male hearts like an AK47.

Get creative, don’t take yourself too seriously and let your imagination dictate where it takes your pen on the page. Dare to have FUN thinking and writing about how alluring you are to the opposite sex.

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