5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure


5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure
Feel Like a Sensual Love Empress Who Knows How to Captivate Men and Leave Them Hungry For More.

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2nd Way to Enhance Your Feminine Allure: Pamper Your Body


I know it’s hard to eat right, exercise, and remember to moisturize after every shower, but try to do ONE beautiful thing for your body every day.

See, being good to our body changes the way you feel about your sex appeal. It also lifts your level of blissfulness.

It makes you bounce through the aisles at the market, instead of shuffle. It makes you touch your clean, silky hair in sexy ways instead of scratch your oily scalp when you are anxious. It makes you open up to receive a man’s touches instead of cringe with “I don’t want to be touched” energy…

Ways to pamper your body:

  • Take a dance class.
  • Buy a watermelon and enjoy every healthy, juicy, sweet and slurpy bite.
  • Slather on some baby oil after the shower and BEFORE you towel off.
  • Take a hot, bubble bath with some yummy bath salts.
  • Get a spa pedicure or ask your man for a back rub with some oils.
  • Make sure your bed sheets smell laundry fresh and are a high thread count and then sleep naked.
  • Spend money on quality shampoos and conditioners.

3rd Way to Enhance Your Feminine Allure: Breathe

When you start your day and end your evening with a few minutes of deep, relaxed breathing, you are relieving tension in your body and allowing stress to escape you. You are taking in the life force around you and connecting with it.

Breathing quiets your mind and opens your heart. This equals less fears and insecurities and more loving energy for your life and your relationships.

Remember to breathe during sex too. It relaxes your body and allows you to enjoy a man’s touch. It also invites more emotional connection.

Next time you are with your man in bed, concentrate on your breathing. Tell yourself that with every breath IN you are INVITING him into your heart and with every breath OUT you are EXPELLING fears and anxiety surrounding love and closeness.

You may become overcome with emotion and it’s very beautiful to a man when your vulnerable emotions are released during lovemaking.

4th Way to Enhance Your Feminine Allure: Feel That Frisky Buzz of New Love and Lust

When new love hits like a thunderbolt or we are lusting after a great lover and can’t stop thinking about the way he touches us, we are emitting pheromones. We feel great inside … and so do all male olfactory glands in a ten feet radius.

Article contributed by

Ms. Kristina Marchant


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