10 Ways To Enchant Your Man


10 Ways To Enchant Your Man
Learn some modern-day attraction tips inspired by Old-World wisdom!

Don't pretend you’re Kate Middleton. If you aren’t a social butterfly and you don’t have a fabulous life filled with champagne, fancy stilettoes, and glamorous charity balls, then don’t tell him you do to make him excited to be part of your life. If you actually spend your Friday nights eating ice cream out of the cartoon while you watch reruns of Roseanne and pet your cats, then be honest! Don’t apologize for who you are and don’t entice him with glitzy fibs. I’m sure you can come up with a fantastically funny and interesting way to make your life seem intriguing, no matter how many cats you have.

Risk losing him to your personal boundaries. When we love a man, a panic comes over us when he pulls back in the slightest way. Worrying that you might lose him can make you break a personal boundary: you start begging him to stay with you, you sleep with him too soon, you accept morsels from him when you know you deserve the whole pie, etc. Suddenly, your self-confidence starts to melt away. Make a list of your personal boundaries and make a promise to yourself that you will never break one for the love of a man. Wear a bracelet around your wrist if you need to, as a symbol of this pact you make with yourself.


Don’t reward him for bad behavior. This one is a biggie! When a man is acting less-than-chivalrous, we feel like he might be drifting. The gap feels horrible, so we try to reel him back in with love and attention. However, if a man acts like a jerk with you and you: call him to talk about it, apologize profusely to make him feel comfortable coming back, or basically break your back in any way to show him how much you miss him and love him and need him, you are indirectly telling him that he will get more attention and affection from you when he acts poorly! Shower him with love ONLY when he deserves it and be strong enough to refrain from doing so in the bad times. (Don’t be a nag or a dramaqueen either because negative attention is still more exciting and rewarding than no attention.)

Be a sexter! I don’t care if you’ve been married for years or are still honeymooning, find ways to use technology to add a li’l flare to your relationship. If text messaging existed in the Dark Ages, what do you think enchantresses would have texted to the men of the Round Table?  Certainly not, “How’s your day been, kind sir? Dinner’s in the springhouse.” Be creative and clever with your words. Make him think about your female magnetism when he isn’t around.

Keep things spicy… outside of your relationship. When you pick up a new hobby or passion, you create excitement in your life. You set off a firecracker in the middle of your dull routine, and this is something he’ll notice. He will probably even get jealous that he has lost some of your attention to this new passion, and suddenly he’ll start acting like he’s in competition for your favor! Men do love a healthy challenge.

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