5 Great Tips For Improving Communication


5 Great Tips For Improving Communication
Do you feel like your partner doesn't hear you? Do differences of opinion end in arguments?

Tip #4 Try to Understand The Situation From the Other's Point of View

One of the biggest problems in trying to talk your partner is that most of us are stuck on our point of view and have a hard time listening to the other.


Take turns listening to each others point of view. Ask for clarification. Make sure each person has a chance to fully express themselves. You might even repeat back what you thought you heard. Most of us feel better when we feel heard or understood.

You may have to agree to disagree. Or sometimes the couple can be at an impasse which may take time to work through.


Tip #5 Ask for What You Need

Sometimes couples experience much frustration and resentment because partners sometimes have unrealistic expectations of each other. They wish their partner would just know what they need. Almost be able to read their mind. If you need or want something from your partner it is important to help them to understand what you need. It helps if one can speak diplomatically, and discuss issues which may make you uncomfortable, as well as what you enjoy and what concerns you.

These tips can be very helpful in communicating more effectively and having less stress in your relationship. However, even if you communicate the best way possible, there will be ways in which you disagree and needs that you wish your partner could meet that they can't. Sometimes we grieve unmet needs and/or understand that one person can't be everything to the other. 

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