Do You Love Me Enough To Wipe My Ass?


Do You Love Me Enough To Wipe My Ass?

I dare you TONIGHT. Take a sweet, tender moment with your loved ones, hold both their hands and look straight into their eyes and ask them, with a straight face, “Do you love me enough to wipe my ass?” I promise you, this conversation will redefine your marriage, or any relationship. It will leave you with an indelible memory.

I recently stopped by the store of someone I do business with. A couple of days before, I showed his wife my bedpan inspired jewelry collection, Resilience by Ferlie, She shared with me that she and her husband ( who is a very serious man, who never jokes around and seldom laughs) were talking about me the night before. She told him about my unconventional jewelry design and its message. I do not know what they talked about, but she said, they have never laughed so hard in their decades of marriage. The next morning, the husband told her that he has never slept so well. It made me wonder
if he is able to sleep better now knowing his wife loves him enough to wipe his ass.


Ferlie Almonte is a Certified Life Coach, Image Consutant, Motivational Entertainer, Author, Jewelry and Clothing Designer



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