Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?


Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?
Curious what happens when you audition for The Voice? This ballsy 51 yr old shares her inside scoop!

After listening to the rest of my group, he said " You are all great. You should congratulate yourselves for coming here. The bar has been raised on The Voice, and I am sorry, I am not letting anyone through. Thank you." No one cried like in American Idol...I was fine. I actually found comfort  knowing that much younger people with powerhouse voices compared to mine, did not go through either. We saw 3 people of the thousands that auditioned walked out with a red paper by 6:30pm. I felt truly grateful, not resentful, of the experience. Christine saw me right away. I told her I did not make it. She looked more disappointed for me. She knew I wanted to get through to share my movement. I introduced her to my new friends. This lovely 15 year old took the rejection so gracefully, too. No tears. I said to her, you're 15, I'm 51. Same dream, same outcome, same positive attitude! We took a picture looking like we've won! Yes, we did. We just gained a very enriching experience and met each other. I gave them my card. They came back to where Christine and I stood, and introduced us to the rest of the family. We promised to stay in touch and not to forget each other as our brilliant destiny awaits elsewhere. The "NO" we got means "Next Opportunity." My prayer before auditioning was for God to take the wheel and guide me where I need to be. God's answer was clear..."I have something better in mind for you"

It was a really lovely experience. Will I do it again? No. It was enough that I found my answer.I am very happy that I never have to live the rest of my life with regrets, filled with thoughts of "I wonder what if..."


I truly believe my finest day is yet to come. A reality show is not what God planned for me. I am always grateful, never resentful.

So, my dear friends, you won't see me at The Voice on TV. You may see me at my own Ferlilicious show one day :)

"If you take a chance, you have 50%  chance of winning. If you don't, your failure is 100% guaranteed." ~Ferlie Almonte, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Entertainer


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