Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?


Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?
Curious what happens when you audition for The Voice? This ballsy 51 yr old shares her inside scoop!

Visits to the restrooms were organized well too. The restrooms seemed the only place where the was peace and quiet. A red sign that reads "NO SINGING IN THE BATHROOM PLEASE" was taped by the door. In that big room, the staff gave instructions without a PA system. It was hard to hear what they were saying. At one point they announced that Maroon 5 was having at show at Madison Square Garden and they recorded the whole group wishing them a great show! Then, in groups of 10, we were lead to a long hallway where we stood and waited. People were animated and were talking to one another, some were doing vocal exercises non stop. I only shared my message with people who expressed interest in listening to my story. I was just so grateful to be alive and singing at an audition after a devastating  illness that left me with permanent lung damage, breathless, debilitated, and almost dead 5 years ago. Most of the time while waiting, I found myself just watching people try to draw attention to themselves. Some people did not even smile back when I smiled at them. I barely heard people wish each other good luck. Those who I said "good luck" to, did not wish me back the same. It's almost like they wanted to keep the luck all to themselves. The only ones I truly made a connection to were  Emily, the sweetest 15 year old I've ever met, and her mom, Rinnie. Emily was always smiling...vocalizing...she sounded amazing. Her mom was not like a usual stage mother. She quietly showed support. At first I thought she was also auditioning. I said to myself, "Nice! someone my age". When she got to know me and my story, she said with so much pride "Good for you!" She looked like she meant it. By another group of 10, we reached the audition rooms. We can hear, but not see, people audition. Everyone sounded terrific! Wow!!! I only saw one, after waiting so long, walk out with a red piece of paper (which means you get a call back).  A staff member collected our passes and signed press release forms. 10 of us got to audition together in a small room. No cameras inside. A man welcomed us, and gave instructions. No interview. He just said you say your name and your song, and sing a verse or two, then he raised his hand to motion us to stop. He barely looked up. He was writing lots of notes. Almost everyone in my group sounded absolutely mind blowing fantastic! Like Christina Aguilera and Melissa Etheridge on steroids. The 15 year old girl was terrific. She sang flawlessly. Perfect tone and control. I felt so bad for the guy who sounded amazing but forgot the second verse to his song. He slumped in his seat after, very disappointed at himself. I sang fourth. I sang "This is the Moment". I was not nervous. Gave my best shot, the guy looked up a couple of times and smiled at me.

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