Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?


Audition For "The Voice" At 51? Audacious Or Crazy idea?
Curious what happens when you audition for The Voice? This ballsy 51 yr old shares her inside scoop!


The balls of my feet felt like they were on fire after mostly standing in line for almost 6 hours waiting for my turn to sing at The Voice Auditions in New York City. My spouse, Christine, and I arrived at the site an hour before the scheduled time in my pass. I did not realize that thousands more had the same time stamped in their passes. And the line wrapped around a massive structure like Jacob Javits Convention Center, extending as far as 6 more blocks past the center. The hotdog vendor outside made serious business. I tried not to drink water for fear that I'd need to go to the bathroom, which was nowhere in sight.

Winter was kind. It wasn't horribly cold outside. At first, the line moved so slowly. More people arrived. Mostly young, so diverse in looks. I was surprised not to see any asians. I seemed to be the oldest. Christine and I stood next in line to a young, talented lady who has performed at Carnegie Hall several times. She kept doing her vocal exercises. The line started to move faster and then, only the people auditioning were allowed the area where the auditions were being held. Parents of minors were allowed in. IDs and bags were checked and we were led to a big room where we were scanned in and given wristbands. It was very organized. Then we all sat and waited in a huge room. Some people were singing together, just having fun. Other people stood by their chairs and started singing their hearts out. Those who had the same audition pieces were trying to openly outsing each other. There were people who already have recording contracts.  Most people were nervous. I quietly watched everyone. I sat next to a 38 year old guy who couldn't stop talking about all his accomplishments...that he already has 3 CDs, and has performed in front of thousands, and said he is just auditioning because people he knows think he should, and it's another way to pass the day. To my left was a pretty 22 year old who keep telling me she needs to brush her hair. I assured her that her hair looked fine and that it will not affect her voice. I came to the audition with a clear intention. I would like to be THE VOICE of Hope, Faith, Courage and Inspiration despite Adversity.

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