Six Pack Strong


Six Pack Strong
The better you feel about you, the better you will feel about others.

Don’t you love those days when everything just seems to line up for your full body smile?  ☺ It is those days when your schedule moves like clock work, the sun is shining, you and your family are happy, you’ve had a great sleep, and you are loving life. It is Friday!

Yesterday was one of those amazing days. My clients were so inspiring. One client played a new song he had just composed on the guitar in my office. Another woman had recently become engaged. Another couple, who showed up not speaking to each other, were moved through the enactment of a ‘trust fall’, and left my office with a plan to skip down the West Van Seawall following our session. They realized their lives had become swamped in parenting responsibilities and they had forgotten to play. Of course there will be a little more to it in the sessions to come, but it just made my day to see them laughing on the way out the door.


I have the best job ever because it doesn’t feel like work most of the time. I had lunch today with a dear friend and then met my husband at Cactus Club for dinner to celebrate his own great day teaching at U.B.C.

My book is now being carried at Indigo Books Park Royal… and I have my first book signing this Saturday from 3 – 5! (Another first!)

The Lilac Tree on my office balcony is almost into its full 2014 bloom! What could be better than all of that? Life is good and I feel so grateful.

What starts a day like that?.. in contrast for example to the days when you feel more like Tom Hanks, the FedX employee stranded on a deserted island like the one in the movie Castaway…C’mon we’ve all had those days! You know… when we think our best conversations might be with “Wilson the volleyball”!

Off days are just like off weather, they pass… and there are things you can do to feel better in the moment… and even more in the bigger picture.

It all starts with what you pay attention to. You can actually train yourself to tune in to positive information in your day, your work and your partnerships. Cognitive intention, endorphin-boosting exercise, helping others, connecting in long-term friendships and by actively crunching a six-pack strong core belief in you.

Yes, this morning when you are doing your 60 sit ups beside your bed, tell yourself 60 things you love about your life and those in it. The better you feel about you, the more positively you will perceive others through your day. The more positively you live, the more you can make a difference. Lets make the world better. Why not?

We hold scripts and schemas about everything. Schemas tell you for example, what to expect in your day. You can be like Eeyore, in Winnie the Pooh and “It’s going to be a very bad day” or you can choose to be like Tigger “What’s next?” Scripts are what your brain relies on to organize your memories. For example, you have a script for how to be in a relationship-- all responsibility and no fun, or caring, responsible and fun too.

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Jo-Anne Weiler, M.A., R.M.F.T., R.C.C.

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