Rebirth and Renew: Happy Easter!


Rebirth and Renew: Happy Easter!
Five ways to get going on your best life today!

What does that voice inside you really want for you? Do you ever take time out to consider what is most important? Sometimes I wonder what my parents might have paid more attention to if they had lived more consciously. My father was an Architect, but my favorite memories of him were seeing him oil paint in his studio or plant carrots in his vegetable garden at the side of our house.

My mother loved to bake bread. I still remember her in all the stages of pounding out the dough, covering it while it would rise, and then pounding it out again before she baked it. I think she was the first to bring Irish soda bread to our neighborhood. I wonder sometimes if she might have started her own neighborhood bakery.


What do you imagine your parents might have dreamed about? Are any of those dreams alive in your spirit today? I am so confident that what ever you can dream and focus on, you can create. Just like painting Easter eggs, consider how many colors you want to dip in your brush?

So really, what have you been focusing on this past year? Of all the things you have done, what has made you feel most alive, grateful, joyful, connected in your body, mind and spirit? What did your parents love to do most when you were growing up?

This Easter weekend, I challenge you to become even more intentional about living your best life. What will be your legacy? Who will be at your Easter Sunday dinner this weekend? By the way, don't forget about those who may be living on their own in your neighborhood. Holiday weekends can be quite lonely for some.

And what is Easter really about? I did a quick research on Wikipedia to clarify. This last week of Lent is called Holy Week and it contains the days of the Easter Triduum, including the Last Supper, which is today (Thursday) and then Good Friday when Pontius Pilot sentenced Jesus to death by crucifixion, after Judas Iscariot had identified and betrayed Jesus for thirty silver coins.

How do you betray yourself and your dreams? Easter Sunday is the day that Christians celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead, and thus symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.Are there habits you might want to let go of, to make room for new habits that will bring renewal and fresh energy to you and your family?

Ever wonder why we celebrate with Easter eggs? Turns out, the bunny is the symbol of fertility and rapid reproduction habits. Just makes you want to have sex doesn't it!

Honestly though, ancient Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, and Hindus traditionally thought the world began with one enormous egg— forget the big bang theory or Adam and Eve. The egg has become the symbol of new life, and new beginnings.

Still not sure what dreams you are ready to crack wide open? Here's five ways to help you focus:

  1. What hobby do you remember most satisfying when you were school-aged?
  2. What is something you would be willing to give up so that you have more time to do what you really want to do?
  3. What is your greatest personal strength?
  4. How might you realign your day to exploit your strengths more?
  5. How balanced are your health habits—eat, sleep, play, work

What new choices will you initiate starting this weekend? How will you be reborn this Easter?

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