How To Improve Communication Skills In Conflicts


How To Improve Communication Skills In Conflicts
5 quick and easy tips that will help you become a better communicator during conflicts.

4. Boredom - Boredom can be defined by many things: It is enemy of change, Resistance to change, Resistance of choice.

Boredom is a needle of a compass where you need to look for new skills.  It is a call to grow and to explore new talents and strengths. Boredom is a real emotion however if you recognize its message. It is a powerful opportunity to develop new skills and explore your new talents and strengths.


5. Depression - Depression could follow as result of not knowing how to steer your brain into a different direction. It is usually the result of the layer of emotions who are being suppressed. A person may be angry, hurt, and fearful. When you combine these feelings it can be suffocating and can be deadly. Depression can also be a whisper to change motivation and your direction.

All of the above are a call to develop ourselves to the next level. It is a call to change. And it is one way to recognize how your brain has been wired related to the communication patterns in your brain. It can give great assistance to take back your own power and also create more harmony and balance in your life.

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