Erecticle Dysfunction (ED) Causes


Erecticle Dysfunction (ED) Causes
The main cause of erectile dysfunction is the level of testosterone levels drop.

Elevated Levels of Insulin & Its Effect on Libido High insulin is known to cause an increase in the amount of abdominal fat, which has a direct effect on the circulating levels of testosterone as well as its aromatization. A diet which leads to excess consumption of carbohydrates & sugars lead to an increase in the amount of insulin released. An increased level of Insulin is also known to send the signal for storing food in the form of fat & glycogen. This not only increases the body mass, but may also increase the demands on liver function, which is indirectly known to affect the circulating levels of testosterone in the body. High levels of insulin in the body can precipitate pre-diabetic condition like the metabolic syndrome which is also known as insulin resistance. Of all the hormones, which effect libido, insulin is the easiest to manipulate & control. A good diet along with physical exercise can lead to a healthy level of circulating level of insulin in the body.

Symptoms of Elevated Insulin Levels & Low DHEA Levels The first & foremost symptom of elevated insulin levels & low DHEA levels leading to poor libido is decreased sexual activity. Apart from maintaining sexual activity, testosterone is known to have other effects on metabolism. A poor level of circulating DHEA is seen to cause other effects like loss of bone density & decrease in muscle mass. Increased level of insulin leads to abnormal deposition of fat. Increased levels of peripheral fat also causes increased aromatization of testosterone which again has its obliterating effects on libido. It is seen that DHEA & Insulin are hormones which are imperative for the body to function normally. Also, elevated Insulin levels & low DHEA levels leading to poor libido have been established beyond the shadow of doubt, & timely intervention in form of a healthy lifestyle & good dietary habits is absolutely necessary to remain sexually active. We need to nurture ourselves in order to allow our body systems to do what they are designed to do. That is part of all living creatures including the human being.

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