Is Diabetes Causing Your Husband's Erectile Dysfunction?


is diabetes causing your husband's erectile dysfunction
The scary truth: he may have this disease and not know it (until it starts to affect your sex life).

Generally, for those with diabetes, there are a range of medications and drugs that can help to address the erectile dysfunction itself. Obviously, there's the little blue pill known as Viagra, as well as two other drugs in the same class called Levitra and Cialis.

These drugs work in similar ways, though each is distinguished by the length of time they are effective more than by anything else. All have similar side effects as well. Before taking such medications, men suffering from diabetes should work closely with their doctors in order to make sure they are on the right medication that is appropriate for their lifestyle and the particular need they may have for each particular medication.


Lately, there has been a fourth kind of drug that works differently than the other three noted above. It works on the brain and the nervous system to cause an erection to develop. It is not yet available in the United States, though people in Europe and Latin America have access to it. The federal Food and Drug Administration is overseeing clinical trials in conjunction with certain pharmaceutical companies to assess its suitability for the American market.

If men need a reason to pay close attention to their diabetes, they should stop and think about how the medical condition can affect sexual function and how it can interfere with the relationships they have with their significant others in ways more numerous than just sexual. Better yet, they should try to prevent it first. Diabetes is among one of the most preventable medical conditions around.

The guys are better served by working to control their blood sugar through a little bit of exercise and tweaking their dietary habits. Men who are willing to make the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary say that incidences of erectile dysfunction seem to be greatly reduced. Shouldn't that be good motivation?

To find the right advice for your diet and LifeStyle connect with a qualified health practitioner who is specialized in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

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