Would You Ever Date A Criminal?


Would You Ever Date A Criminal? [EXPERT]
Could you forget a criminal past for a romantic future?

3. It Depends. For many people, the question of dating a criminal would depend on the crime, and on the criminal himself. Clearly there are victimless crimes in our society such as drug use (with lots of room for different opinions) and others, and violent crimes, which could not be ignored like rape, murder and armed robbery. If the person was not a violent criminal, then a romantic entanglement might be easier to envision, depending on the guy.

My own view tends to fall somewhere in the middle as well. I don't think I could date a violent criminal who had been proven guilty beyond any doubt, no matter how forgiving I should be or how remorseful he was. And I don't believe that someone should be an outcast and undeserving of love and affection just because he has been labeled a criminal by society. Like most everything else in life, the best answer to the question is, it depends. 3 Questions To Ask Before Dating An Ex-Con

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