10 Warning Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating


Are you suspicious that you're partner may be having an affair? These are the red flags to watch for

New Purchases

You've had a 4-door Sedan for 20 years, and now he needs a 2-door sporty model with all the bells and whistles - wanting it in fire engine red is a bad sign as well. Or he expresses a long-hidden desire for a powerful motorcycle, and he knows that you would never get on the thing, even if he begged. Also look out for new watches, jewelry, and other accessories – he might be trying to impress someone other than you.

New Interests

Suddenly developing new interests, taking up new sports, hobbies, or leisure time activities might be a suspicious thing to do, or it may just be another sign of a mid-life crisis. Only you can be the judge, but it's one little piece of a puzzle that you might be able to put together. There's nothing wrong with this on its own, but it could indicate a dalliance.

New Vocabulary

Sometimes we start using words and expressions that people we spend time with use – and don't even notice it happening. We often notice this phenomenon in children who unwittingly prove that they are learning lots of new things from somebody. If he starts using some new vocabulary and turns of phrase that sound strange coming out of his mouth, he just might be taking an interest in something new and strange.

Change In Work Schedule

You know your husband's work schedule and his habits as far as when he likes to get ready, and when he usually comes home. An abrupt change in his work schedule might be completely legitimate, but there may be other reasons for it as well. As his wife, it's easy enough for you to check out and corroborate that something indeed has changed. Just don't be surprised to find out the opposite.

Laundry Leftovers

Yes, we're talking about lipstick on any article of clothing here, but that's not all. Men are notorious for leaving things of all kinds in their pockets – things that just might tell a story to discerning eyes. Not many places have matchbooks anymore, but receipts, post it notes, scribbled-on napkins, business cards with phone numbers inscribed on the back, any of these can be signs that something shady is going on.


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