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What's The Secret To Successful Parenting? Play Time!

What's The Secret To Successful Parenting? Play Time!

Your kid is having problems [divorce, ADD, social skills] but who can help you help them?

"What can we do about Bobby?" Every parent has moments of fear and anxiety about their parenting skills and their children's emotional health. In this era of too much pressure to get it right, right now, where do you go to tell if your child [or you] need help? How do you decide between occupational therapy, counseling, parenting education, medications and special education? What if you are going through a divorce? How can you keep your child's difficulties from causing relationship problems with your partner?

There is a secret society of specially trained people who understand the way your elementary age child communicates, whose special training and skills can augment your instincts as a parent and supply you with options, skills and hope. These people are play therapists!

What are play therapists, anyway? We are licensed mental health professionals who through special classes, supervision, and continuing education, focusing on children ages birth through 12. We focus onn their discipline, learning and emotional health. This secret society, which is headed by the Association for Play Therapy, teaches parents to play therapeutically with their children and to understand the meaning and importance of play in your child's life and in the life of your family

Children, and lots of men, use play as their major method of interacting with others and the world around them. Learning to use play to communicate, explore and connect helps you and your loved ones to relate. Most people don't know how to communicate about emotional topics until around 12 or 13.    

If you are interested in learning more about play therapy and how to use play to understand relationship problems, visit with me or the Association for Play Therapy. Talk to one of our professionals!

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