4 Tips On Gifts For Your Kids From Their Grandparents


4 Tips On Gifts For Your Kids From Their Grandparents
Parents, are you tearing your hair out writing lists for each child for grandparents?

Every year the wonderful grandparents of my children ask me for a simple list for each child. This sounds so simple! Sure, they're always asking for new things, and the grandparents are very excited about getting what they want. But how do I decide which grandparent gets which list, what child gets what, how many things to ask for from each, what do the grandparents like to buy, how much do each spend, how to balance what each child gets from each set, etc. I'm getting stressed just thinking about it! So to help me, I've made a list of things I think will help make lists.  

  1. Play is the major way kids learn when they are young. What do I want them to learn? Finding several goals for my kids' new year helps me to think clearly about what they are wanting. Do I want them to be more creative? Do I want them to work on following directions? Do they need social skills? Goals are a great way of organizing toys and gift buying.
  2. Think about the grandparents and who they are. I have one grandparent who never buys off the list, so I only have to send her sizes. Another set of grandparents likes to buy clothes, toys, and a group gift. The third [only having 3 sets of grandparents to think about is a blessing in disguise], wants to buy gifts from specialty catalogues. Each has different price goals, and different ideas about what kids want/need.
  3. I need to think about safety — online and physical. Do I think a 10 year old can handle WiFi? Do the kids need a computer of their own? What will they need this year that I may not be able to afford? Are there subscriptions or packages that I would like someone else to buy?
  4. TAKE OFF THE THINGS YOU'RE GOING TO BUY YOURSELF! Several times over the years, I forgot to ask my husband what we were buying our kids and sent the things he wanted to come from us to others. This is disastrous! Keep some of the good things for you to buy.

Watch for more information on good toys for Christmas on my Twitter and Facebook.  Merry Christmas and good luck!

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