Take Charge Of Your Life With NLP


A book on how to understand yourself, which leads to cultivating self-esteem and inner kindness.

Over the years I developed a framework for improving the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, drawing the best insights from many different therapy approaches I had trained it. I then began to apply this framework to every problem people came to see me for and began getting fast results almost regardless of the problems. I knew I was on to something when people who had tried weeks, months and even years of other therapies soon began to experience change with my format within just one or two sessions. Changes happened faster and were more long-lasting when my clients applied my guidelines...especially with those clients who wanted to see me for assistance in improving their feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. Therapy Is Not Working! Now What?

This book developed as an extension of some of the approaches developed in my therapy sessions. The first part of the book addresses how to cultivate grass roots self-esteem and the second part uses a slightly different approach to address phobias, addictions and psychosomatic problems. This format has also successfully been applied to treat depression and all forms of anxiety, although owing to space, this will not be explored in detail in this book. Enjoy the read and I'm sure you will begin to notice a greater understanding about your personality, your behavior and motivation, and why you act the way you do.


A Brief Note on 'NLP':
NLP stands for the very scary sounding neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is a very practical and no-nonsense therapeutic approach that seeks to cut to the core of the issues that lead to problems. I have adapted one of the techniques from my NLP training to form the main 'chassis' or format of change for the book. However, the approaches in the book are a fusion of many therapies I have trained in, including cognitive therapy, systemic therapy, inter-personal therapy and family therapy—I just couldn't fit all that into the title. Take Charge is available on amazon.com (for reviews click on amazon.co.uk). Click here for the dedicated facebook page

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