You Are Not The Only One


You Are Not The Only One
Self acceptance, not acceptance by others, is the first step to leading a genuine authentic life.

So why are we still pursuing the dreams of our parents? Why are so many people throwing away their passions? According to those people living creatively and authentically, this is the key, the only way to being free. So, what are most people afraid of?

Acceptance is at the core of the complex I call and what is commonly known as "following the herd." Having social status, paying ones bills, having a family, some money, being successful yet being modest and humble is respected and appreciated by our friends and family. Chasing dreams while having no money is frowned on. People are labeled as being losers for being broke, chastised or avoided by family members for "always asking for money," seen as being, vain, arrogant or self absorbed for chasing fame, or fortune although an artist or entrepreneur often knows, believes and feels his/her mission is far greater than the money or the fame that they would gladly welcome anyway. People are laughed at for being "too old," "too untalented," "too whatever." People will talk the dirty, critical talk when you are out there living against the grain. Not to mention dating and having a family often becomes much more difficult. Living the creative lifestyle or the life of an entrepreneur is tricky. It's not stable, safe nor secure, it's not for the faint of heart, and it's definitely not what worked for our many of our parents. Some people are driven by the causes of the world, to the point where they can ignore the fact that most people are driven by acceptance. But many cannot. 

And yet still for many the pendulum swings. At first the pendulum may swing to extremes. And for many it often does swing back too. What this means to some is to stay true to yourself and pursue the things which are close to your heart at all costs. What this might mean for others if strong enough and have enough energy to still maintain a semblance of a comfortable lifestyle too, is finding a balance of the two worlds, which might make you feel better and closer to your authentic genuine self. The goal may be to meld the two worlds, or just to find harmony within yourself. And finally for some it might just be a distant wish, for a past lifetime or another lifetime that still in and of itself needs some acknowledgment, maybe even closure, or maybe nothing at all. The point is that if there is a part of you, within you, that feels incomplete and unfulfilled it may just need to be nourished, even if that nourishment is just a pat on the back saying, I remember you, I know you, you were once a part of me, and I acknowledge you, whatever that may mean to you. Accepting yourself might just be key to living that authentic genuine life. 

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