What It Means When She Says, "I'm Just Not That Sexual."


Sex and sexual expression are learned. Women must learn to be comfortable enough to express it.

The goal is to become more comfortable with your body. So do whatever you need to do to get there. If that means eating better, and exercising then do so. If that means masturbating more frequently, then do so. If that means walking around naked, exposing more skin, then so be it. It’s okay to be a little selfish even if it might offend someone. Taking back your freedom of expression is par for the course.

Other conditions might be contributing to your low sexual desire. These may be emotions such as anger, resentment, depression, or things like stress and worry. It may be due to something in the relationship. This is not a disorder but is more likely just an ebb and flow of your sexuality, which is natural in the end, and speaking with a psychotherapist who specializes in sex therapy, or a sex therapist may be the impetus to overcoming it. If it’s a more organic problem such as certain medications or illness you will need to seek the help of a medical doctor.


This is an excerpt from her first book, Marriage, Money and Porn, avaialble on Amazon.
Moushumi Ghose is a Los Angeles based sex therapist. Visit her website at www.LASexTherapist.com


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Moushumi Ghose, MFT specializes in sex and relationships and is based in New York City and Los Angeles.

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Mou is the author of Marriage, Money and Porn, available on Amazon, and is currently writing her second book, about non-monogamous sex. 


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