5 Ways To Occupy Love


There is plenty of love to go around!

1. We have the capacity to love infinitely. Imagine a mother with 10 children. She loves all of her children. She has the capacity to love all 10 children, along with her own 10 siblings, and her 50 good friends. Whether she loves them equally is based on her relationship with each one, and the amount of love they are willing to receive, and accept, based on how much they love themselves.

2. Want happiness for your partner, lover and best friend. After recognizing that everyone has the infinite ability to love, then you must allow yourself the infinite ability to give love and this is best done by wanting your lover, partner, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. to be happy. If they are flirting with someone at a party, instead of feeling jealous, try to put yourself in your partner's shoes. Does this make him/her happy? If so, make room for allowance. A little flirtation never hurt anyone, and in fact...it may make for better sex.


3. Accepting (loving) their past. If love is infinite, this should make it easier to accept ex's, past relationships, familial ties, etc—that ex-boyfriend that she still talks to or that strange relationship he has with his mother. You will now be able to make more allowances for them to exist. They do not take away from how much your partner loves you. Getting Past The Past

4. Letting go will bring more love your way. When you make allowances for others to love others freely, you open the door for more love in your life. It's simple: your partner will feel more accepted, appreciated and less judged by you, and in turn will be able to feel for you the love that you deserve. Change Today To Save Your Relationship

5. Not just love, but also friendships, work relationships and even polyamorous relationships may also blossom and bloom (if you so desire). Letting go of the pie theory of love means letting go of jealousy and insecurity on a greater level, which can in turn attract more people into our life as well. Beyond a primary relationship, maybe you just want better relationships with family members or better relationships with your ex's. Maybe you just want better friendships, which are not tinged with ownership. If you're of the polyamorous type, this kind of thinking can help sustain your primary relationship and all other relationships long into the future. Recognizing there is plenty of love to go around is key in being non-monogamous as well.

So...make the decision to "Occupy Love", and watch your relationships blossom! 3 Ways To Love Yourself First This Valentine's Day

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