Foreplay, Sexual and Otherwise


Foreplay, Sexual and Otherwise
There are two types of foreplay. Both lead to the bedroom but one can save your relationship.

Those warm (or dirty) words spoken to each other as he is getting ready to go to work, is what the two of you will remember all day. Just because you have to rush off, feed the kids and take them to school and he is late for his board meeting and because there is absolutely no time for sex until date night on Saturday night does not mean your day today and every day cannot be lightly and gently infused with tiny visions of feathers and lingerie, or leather and whips if that is what you like.

Here is how. Small communications that let each other know how much you care, and also how much you desire them can do wonders, not to mention bring a smile to their face, butterflies to the stomach, a tingle to the spine and yes, maybe even to down there. Leaving little post it notes that he/she can read when you are not around, voice mails, emails, text messages with  romantic, loving, appreciative, sexy or even dirty words and phrases can let a warm glow into someone's stressful or even humdrum day and leave them eager to arrive home to see you. No, it might not lead to sex tonight, nor tomorrow night, and maybe not even this weekend, because I know you all lead busy lives, but that is not the point. It will cause you to think about your partner more, it is likely to prevent your heart and mind from swaying or wandering when you two are busy with projects outside the home, it might actually make you miss your partner which, believe it or not can do wonders for your relationship. Couples who actually spend less time together, have a chance to miss each other, are less likely to get on each other's nerves and are more likely to stay together. And, besides, they say the best way to catch a bee is with honey, so, why not try a little sugar to catch your honey?

Body language is important in foreplay too. A smile, a wink, a gentle touch on the arm, a lick of the lips even when you are in a hurry to get to your meeting shows you care and leaves an imprint, a fond imprint that can not only lead to increased desire and arousal, but can also shield you two from the days when the rest of the world may bring you down. Being sexy, fliratious, playful and dirty even when you are not about to have sex is the key to keeping your relationship sexy.

I like to think that these are all a part of foreplay, and the actual physical things like kissing, touching, and oral sex which can actually increase the temperature and speed of your heartbeat, lead to arousal and ultimately sex and orgasm are just the icing on the cake. All of it, inclusive, can also increase the passion and warmth between you and your mate leading to a more fulling and satisfying relationship all around.


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