Focused Intention During the Holidays


Focused Intention During the Holidays
Diligently Enjoy Your Family, Friends, and Fun

3. Nurture your current relationships. The holiday season is a time to connect with loved ones. It's a great time to also say Thank You, for all the support your friends, family and loved ones have given you through out the year. Making those who are closest to you a priority during the holidays may make it easier also if you have to choose what to do. 

4. Stay sexy during the holidays. It's important to try to encourage romance during the holidays too. This lets your partner know that despite all the obligatory things you have to do, your love for them supercedes any obligation you have to anyone else. Here are some suggestions for keeping sexy time during the holidays.

a. Sexy holiday Santa/ Elf outfit. Surprise your honey in your favorite night gown, slip or sexy lingerie of choice, preferably in the color red, but not necessarily, and don the old red Santa’s hat and suit if you are a man and lingerie is not your style. As Santa’s little helper you can decide if your partner has been naughty or nice. Let him/her know that their wish is your command if they've been nice. Or perhaps they’ve been naughty. Use chocolates or cherries to enhance the evening by making it more delicious. Either way, this play on traditional Christmas can be sexy and fun.

b. Warm bath with pine scented bath salts. Your baby has been working hard. Offer to help relieve some stress tonight. Pine scented bath salts not only help one to relax but also inspire the winter holiday warmth. So, after the kids have gone to bed, and the pet’s have been fed, offer to run a bath for your loved one. Turn on the hot water, light some candles, make some hot tea and entice your baby into the hot scented relaxing bath water.

c. Almond oil massage. Is your partner so pooped they’ve tuned you out and are solely focused on watching news or sports on the boob tube? This light massage can be done while they are relaxing. Rub some massage oil or scented lotion on your hands first, then on your partner’s hands and feet. Massage gently. This is a low maintenance way of inspiring tenderness and then passion after a long and stressful week.

d. Quiet time reading. Reading to each other can be exotic and erotic if the material is sexually charged. Find an erotic novel, or something romantic, turn on the fireplace (if you have one) and curl up together with a blanket and read to each other. The friction and the heat between you two will be undeniable.

These are just a few ideas to not just get the blood flowing between you and your lover but to remind you to take care of yourself too with a little focused intention, thought and diligence. A happy, relaxed self is the best lover. .

The main objective is to remember to take some time out from your busy hectic holiday schedule and appreciate yourself and others, to really do something out of the ordinary, something special, creative, sexy and romantic for yourself and your partner. The small gestures often have the greatest message: That you deeply care about your relationship, and in turn will make the holidays all the more enjoyable and fun.

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