Focused Intention During the Holidays


Focused Intention During the Holidays
Diligently Enjoy Your Family, Friends, and Fun

The holidays are upon us, and though this may be a joyful and fun time for many, this may also be a stressful time, a busy time complete with excitement and chaos. Sure, maybe you have got some time off, and the kids are also off school, but the relatives may be demanding of your time, or the co-workers or good friends. There may be the pressure of gift giving, which comes with it the gift shopping, the gift wrapping, the shopping crowds. You may have lots of social events, parties, work dinners. Stress may also come in the shape of worry about things like money, dealing with holiday travel, weight gain frustrations from all the decadent eating and drinking, and so on. It’s a wonder we have any time at all to nourish our partners and relationships, let alone ourselves.

Here are a list of suggestions for you to stay in tune with yourself this holiday season, stay relaxed, have fun with your friends, family and even squeeze in some sexytime for you and your partner to enjoy.


1.  Take care of your physical being. Mind and body are connected and a few slips of the tongues when it comes to food and drinks can set even the healthiest of persons on a spiralling downward staircase.

a. Eat in moderation. With all the sweets, and decadence around, it's important to pace yourself. There have been some studies which link sugar intake to emotional mood swings. Now, I am no nutritionist, and I am definitely not suggesting you start a new diet this holiday season, just pay attention to what you put into your body, and simply Don't Overdo It. 

b. Maintain your health regimen. With the winter months, it's easy to pack on a few pounds, which is fine too, but if you have a gym, fitness or excercise routine, be sure to stick with it.  It's important to maintain som semblance of routine if you don't want your life to be consumed by the chaos of the holiday season. Stick to your regimen a bit, and you'll feel better, and you'llhave a head start on your new year resolutions.

2. Set boundaries. This goes along with staying physically healthy, but it can also pertain to family and friends. There may be a lot of social opportunities this holiday season, and you may be convinced to attend everything, and tempted to do things you just don't have time for. Learn to politely decline and say No. "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to make a pie this year, but I could grab a box of cookies instead." Or, "Sorry, I won't be able to attend your christmas party this year." These are just examples, but the point is to make life a little easier on yourself.  You don't have to do everything and be everywhere. Go where you can, go where you want to go, and enjoy yourself.

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