10 Reasons To Love Being Single


10 Reasons To Love Being Single [EXPERT]
Here are 10 reasons to embrace your single status and love your freedom!

3. No guilt. Guilt is something that we can definitely do without. But, so much of our relationships revolve around guilt. The aformentioned compromising and explaining are often things we do to protect our relationship from it's demise. We fear the loss. Instead of embracing impermanence and remembering what joys singlehood can bring, we often feel bad and guilty about our "selfish" ways. This leads to self- compromising behaviors. 5 Ways To Occupy Love

4. No jealousy or insecurity. Remember this? Jealousy can come from you or your partner. When you celebrate your singlehood, jealousy and insecurity about other people fall down by the wayside. Who cares anymore? The most important person has become you. The ability to live and let live suddenly becomes within your reach. Goodbye jealousy.


5. Friends. Partners not only want explanations and compromise, but they also may be jealous of your friends? Perhaps, partners may limit the time you have to spend with friends. In many ways friends are more important than our partners. They are there for us when our relationships hit turbulence. Being single is a great time to nurture your friendships. So, hang out with your most debaucherous friends and feel not guilt about it.

6. Develop your identity. So often people lose themselves in other people, in their partner or in their relationship. Who are you? What is special about you? Singlehood is when you can really let yourself shine and be who you are meant to be.

7. Have "me time." Like I mentioned before, the crux of singlehood is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want, why you want and with whom. There is no one to answer to, explain, justify and compromise for. This independence should be embraced. You want a quiet evening at home or an entire week of solitude. It is all yours. Just say the word. The act of self-care is easy. 

8. Pursue your dreams. Being single affords you the ability to pursue your dreams. Want to travel the world or join a touring circus? Guess what? Being single makes these types of dreams much easier. Single people can do the things that those in relationships cannot. Chart uncharted territory, be a trail blazer or do something that you have never done before. It might be easier to do these things without a ball and chain.

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