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Technically you are Still Single!

One of my female clients, who desires to get married and have a family, has been dating her current boyfriend for at least six months. She is 37 and he is 42. Both have never been married before. In our last coaching session she said, “When I was s.ingle….” as if she were referring to a life ...

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Are You Ready For Marriage? 8 Ways To Tell

For those of you who think you want to get married, do you have a realistic picture of what it is all about? Do you see yourself in wedded bliss where you wake up together, have a romantic day at the beach, laugh together and enjoy a sunset dinner and a midnight walk along the water? That is possible. But do ...

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How Far Would You Go for True Love?

Ned was at a singles weekend in Virginia Beach when he met Francie. There was an easy rapport between them and they hung out most of the weekend. There was one glitch, Ned lived in Washington, DC and Francie lived on Boston. Ned was determined to pursue Francie and it turned out the feeling was mutual. Less than ...

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Are You Sitting Back & Waiting For 'The One?'

There is a whole movement called the "attraction principle." Have you heard about the secret? It's about tapping into your thoughts to energetically attract the right people and the life of your dreams. It's one thing to sit back and wish for that someone special to show up in your life and ...

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Where To Find Your 'Motivated To Marry' Partner

My philosophy from a very young age is to go where the guys are. I was lucky to have an older brother and I used to play tennis, biked, ran track (the girls practiced with the guys) and skied. I met a lot of guys during that time and always had a boyfriend since the 9th grade because I liked doing what ...

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Technically you are Still Single!

When You Are Marriage-Minded and in an Exclusive Relationship

Are You Ready For Marriage? 8 Ways To Tell [EXPERT]

Are You Ready For Marriage? 8 Ways To Tell

Ask yourself these eight questions before you tie the knot.

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How Far Would You Go for True Love?

If you are considering widening your search to stretch national borders and beyond...

Are You Sitting Back & Waiting For 'The One?' [EXPERT]

Are You Sitting Back & Waiting For 'The One?'

Start taking proactive steps to meet the person you desire to build your life with!

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Where To Find Your 'Motivated To Marry' Partner

Look for activities where the people you want to find are in the majority.

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