The Valentine's Series...Get Noticed By Men Now!


The Valentine's Series...Get Noticed By Men Now!
Part I: Your Image...How do I appear to men?

I've dedicated my heart and soul to those of you ladies who are really good hearted people but can't quite seem to get noticed or attract men so easily. I feel your pain. Well, today's the day. No more excuses or complaints. Your time is now. Valentine's Day is coming and I don't want you home that night. I want you out and about enjoying yourself. Let your girlfriends stay home that night. You'll tell them all about it once you get back. But this is your time. So let's get to it. Let's get you noticed!

The first thing we'll need to work on is your image. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that men should only look at what's on the inside of us.  While this may have some merit, people in general make their first impression of you by how you look on the outside. If you go into the office looking like you just woke up that morning, slippers and all, what are guys going to think of you. They probably won't think of you at all because they'll be looking at the girl in the next cubicle with the fitted red suit and black pumps on looking like she just got a promotion. Improving your image will help to improve your chances of getting noticed by the right men.


Your Color Pallet—Okay, first, let's choose the right colors. Wear colors that accentuate your skin tone. There is a whole methodology to wearing the right colors based on whether your skin tone is considered to be warm or cool. Have you ever seen celebrities who always seem to have the right colors on while strolling the red carpet? Believe me, they have numerous image consultants and fashion designers helping them achieve a certain look. But you don't need to pay thousands of dollars to get a great look. Browse your local listings to find an image consultant near you who can help you decide on the right colors that match you. You can also check with a knowledgeable store consultant in one of your favorite clothing stores. If you're one of their frequent customers, they may offer their services to you for free.

Your Style of Fashion—Think about your favorite celebrities past and present. What is it about their style that you love? Maybe you like the seductive style of Marilyn Monroe in her infamous white dress. Maybe you are an Audrey Hepburn fan with her style of classic elegance. Or maybe you like the more edgy style of the R&B singer Rihanna. Try to pick a celebrity style you like, emulate it with your own sense of uniqueness, and apply it to your lifestyle accordingly. This will help you to hone in on your own style and give you an idea of the clothing attire that makes you feel good about yourself.

Then take the image of the style you're most comfortable with and blend it with the colors that look good on you. Once you have the right colors, the right style in mind, now we can go out and seek the clothes that are right for you and eliminate others which may be better suited for other people.  You can also add cute accessories and shoes to go along with the outfit.  The reason we have to work on your image first is so that not only you are comfortable, but you make others feel comfortable around you, inviting them in to speak to you including the men in which you may want to attract.  By the way, you can mix and match styles depending on how you feel as long as you have a sense of your own style in mind.

Your Style of Hair—This is where you can really get creative because no two people will have the exact same hair type. Some of us have curlier hair or straighter hair depending on our genetics. I believe this is where you can fully express yourself and let your potential suitor see the real you. Do you like to wear big hair like those big, beautiful Afros that women wore in the 60s or are you more of a flower child who enjoys wearing her hair long and straight with a part in the middle of it? Whatever your style, make sure that it complements your facial type and brings out your best features.

And let's face it ladies, men love hair! I won't lie to you. You need to know the truth. They find hair to be sexy. Yes, they do prefer women with long hair but if a woman has a shorter style hair-do and takes care of it, they'll love that too. Many of them just like to see a woman take care of herself and that includes her hair. If she loves it and wears it with confidence, they will be a fan, too.

So there it is, the first part in my series of getting you noticed by men now! We have five weeks until the big day and I want you to be ready. I want you to be the Cinderella of the night. But we’ll have to work quickly to get you that date. We'll be partners for the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for Part II of the series...Good Luck!

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