Uh Oh...The Goddess Of Love (Venus) Is Now Retrograde!


Uh Oh...The Goddess Of Love (Venus) Is Now Retrograde!
Feel Like Your Love Life Is Going Backwards?...Blame it on Venus!

In Classical Astrology, Venus is known as the Goddess of Love. In Western Astrology, we know her as the planet that rules the areas of love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, and prosperity. When she is retrograde or going backwards in motion in the sky, well, so are our love lives! I knew something was wrong when I started hearing sad love songs on my favorite radio stations and then when I started hearing my girlfriends complain about how hard it is to find love these days.

As a dating coach, I'm used to hearing those complaints but I noticed an upswing right before the holidays. Now it's certainly not unusual to hear more complaints among singles around this time of the year particularly when you don't have anyone special with whom to share the holidays but I was hearing complaints from married and coupled up women as well.
Now even though I also work as a professional astrologer, I'll admit I don't check the location of the planets and stars in the sky everyday but I just so happened to pull out an ephemeris (chart that reveals the location of the planets in the sky) for one of my private consultations. And lo and behold, there is Venus sitting in the chart quietly retracing her steps backwards to ponder over her past and present relationships. She knows that she must re-evaluate her past and present loves in order for her to move forward in her life. Maybe there was a past love with whom she didn't find closure or maybe she is pondering a past issue with her current love in which the matter has not been resolved. Either way, the Universe is telling her it's time.

So that's what a Venus retrograde does for us in our lives. She makes us go back in time to find closure to our past. We begin asking ourselves whether an old love has the potential to be renewed in our lives. These are times when an old love will suddenly contact you out of the blue just to say hello. Or you begin reminiscing on what could have been had things not gone sour with an ex-boyfriend. What if I were the one to contact him or her at this time? Could we recapture what we had in our past? Venus really makes us take a hard look at ourselves in the mirror and do some soul searching through our past relationships. 

We're also looking at our present day relationships resolving past issues that may have been pushed aside. We begin to think about where we're in our current relationships and is this the place we desire to be in this present time. Is this person helping me to grow or are they holding me back? Are my goals for the relationship the same as my partner's goals? Venus helps us to stay still long enough to resolve those issues and either take the relationship forward or move on.

And of course for my singles looking to mingle, I hate to break this to you but this may not be your lucky month for love. Sorry! Since our love planet is retrograde, you may have to make your love life less of a priority this month. It's not that you won't meet people, it's just that the person you meet may not be exactly what you want or the relationship may not turn out the way you expected. Still, I know how hard this is particularly if your New Year's resolution is to meet someone so I'm really torn on this one. But the good news is that our planet of love goes direct on Feb 1st so mark that on your calendars which is right before Valentine's Day! See our Goddess of Love isn't going to let us down! She's coming back right on schedule! She just wants us to set aside some time to examine our relationships and to ensure ourselves we're going in the right direction for what's to come in our future. 

Good Luck!

For more helpful dating tips, please check out my website at www.liveloveaspire.blogspot.com  or you may inquire about my dating/relationship coaching and astrological counseling/spiritual intuitive services at www.liveloveaspire.com.

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