Stuck In A Relationship Rut?....5 Reasons To Let Go!


Stuck In A Relationship Rut?....5 Reasons To Let Go!
Are You In A Dead-End Relationship…Read This!

You no longer eat dinner together.  Outings with other couples are now more stressful than ever trying to keep up with the facade of being a happy couple.  Your significant other doesn't call anymore to see how you're doing during the day nor wonder where you are at night.  Your family knows something's wrong during the holidays whenever you show up at family events and functions alone.  You're really tired of lying to people and more importantly, to yourself.  You know you need to end it but just don't have the strength to do it.

Most of us have been in at least one dead-end relationship in our lives.  If we can be honest with ourselves, we stayed in it for the sake of the kids, for the convenience of someone there to help us pay the bills or to keep up with the pressure of society to say that we belong to someone.  The relationship may have started off great but somewhere along the way we went in different directions.  Our intentions were good for the relationship but life has taken us along different paths.


If this sounds like you, please consider the following reasons why it may finally be time to let go of that relationship.

Below are my top 5 reasons to let go.

1.  Your heart isn't in it anymore - Your feelings have changed towards him or her.  You still care very deeply for the person but are not in love with the person anymore.  You know that whatever has happened was for the best and it made you a stronger person.  You've tried over and over to make it work with no luck.  Maybe you've even met someone else who you feel is more compatible to you and are struggling to tell your partner that it is over.  Either way, you know your heart isn't in it and you'll need to let go.

2.  Lack of trust - There's no level of trust between you and your partner.  You check their phone every time it rings to see who has called or texted them.  You've smelled their clothes, checked for lipstick stains and probably even their bank accounts to see if they've been unfaithful to you.  But is this really how you want to live?  If you have no trust for the person and feel the need to spy on them every second, this will drive you crazy...which leads me to the next point!

3.  Your health is starting to deteriorate - This is by far the most revealing when you are in a dead-end relationship.  You begin to lose your good health.  Health symptoms you've never had before suddenly come up.  You may become more neurotic or start to have high anxiety over little things.  You just don't feel safe in that relationship anymore.  I've even seen some people go through extremes including losing excessive weight or gaining excessive weight to hide the emotional baggage of the relationship.  But is your health really worth it?  Is a relationship worth ruining your health when you have so much in which to live?  This is an especially critical question when you have kids who deserve for you to live.

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