Are Your 'Ladies Nights' Keeping You Single?


Relationship Advice for Single Women
Sisterhood vs singlehood: does having a strong bond with other women come at a cost?

I also think it's a lot easier to deal with your own sex than to deal with the opposite. Why go through the trouble in trying to understand how the opposite sex thinks, feels and acts when you can just go with the group similar to you without all the hassle? I've coached a lot of women and many of them act content in these types of clubs while secretly crying in the dark.

To help women with this dilemma, I've listed a few types of-co ed clubs and activities below. These clubs help women find comfort and camaraderie with other women while also providing opportunity to meet single men.

1. Team Sports Fan Clubs. If you enjoy watching your favorite sports team, why not join a fan club? This is a great way to encounter men who are also a fan of your team — what great way to meet someone single and celebrate your team's victory. 

2. Small Business Entrepreneurial groups. These groups are popping up everywhere as more and more people want information on how to start their own business. When it comes to business, you'll see a fair amount of both men and women in these groups. Even if you've never been the entrepreneurial type, you may be able to get great contacts for future endeavors.

3. Tennis/Golf/Running clubs. These clubs are fun! Not only can you bond with other women, meet single men, but you get a good workout while doing so. Many of them provide off-season events where members can meet and mingle with each other, along with seasonal competitions among members. Don't forget the sense of community you'll feel just by being a member of the club.

4. Political Groups. Politics aren't everyone's favorite topic to talk about on a date, but this type of group will ensure you at least have this one thing in common. I've seen so many people connect through political conventions and conferences, so I would be hard pressed not to include this one on the list. Who knows, maybe you'll meet the next town Mayor!

5. Boxing/Martial Arts/High Intensity Fitness Clubs. If you are a highly athletic woman, these types of clubs may be for you. They tend to be filled with both men and women who are serious about getting in shape. The good news is that you could meet someone else on the same level as you athletically and have common interests — increasing your odds of him being Mr. Right!

6. Wealth Or Investment Building Clubs. If you want to learn more about how to have financial success through investments, then this is the right club for you. Both men and women join these clubs in hopes of growing their investments and learning tips about money management. This could be a great club for someone who is new to investments and really wants to know how to manage their money, or meet someone who can teach them!

7. Religious Singles Groups. Religious and spiritual bonds allow people to walk the same path in life. Vastly differing religious views are generally a deal breaker on many single's lists. Meeting someone here will ensure that you share an important value and opens the door to many other possibilities.

8. College Alumni Clubs. Education is a fundamental value that many people would like to share with their potential spouse. These clubs are full of men and women who reminisce about their past college lives while helping build the future for alumni.

So, are all girl clubs keeping women single?

My objective in writing this article was not to criticize all-girl clubs, but to make women think more critically about their purpose in joining one and list a few other alternatives. There is nothing wrong with women building organizations together or going out for a ladies night from time to time. However, if you've been single for a long period of time and are a member of a number of these all-girl clubs, then maybe it's worth it to reevaluate your hang out choices. Determine if these clubs and activities are still a good fit for what you're looking for. It's just food for thought! Good luck!

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